Kackar mountains

People travel on cheap holidays to Turkey primarily for its beautiful beaches and the cultural delights of cities such as Istanbul. This is a great shame as the area offers incredible natural beauty - the country is full of excellent hikes which will prove truly rewarding for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers and mountaineers. The Kackar mountains are a great place to begin your outdoor adventures in Turkey.

Kackar mountains are the mountain ranges rising in the Eastern Blacksea coast of Turkey, highest peak is Kackar (3937 meters altitude). Kackar mountains have many peaks over 3500 meters altitude, glaciers, mountain lakes and mountains plateaus at nearly 3000 meters elevation from the sea level.If you fallow the route from northern side,from Blacksea coast, first you will see the Fırtına river valley.Near the river you will go through the road and reach the Çamlıhemşin town. Here the two separate river, Hala river and Çad river join each other and make the Fırtına river. Along both rivers roads reach up to Yukarı Kavron and Verçenik villages, 
separately.The northern side glaciers of mount Kackar feed the hala river and this river fallows  the path through Yukarı Kavron village,Galer plateau, Ayder Mountain Resort, Hala villages and joins to Fırtına river at Camlihemsin town. Çad river is fed from the roots of Vercenik mountain (3711 meters altitude) which is the second highest peak in Kackar mountains range. Then it fallows the route through the Çad village,Zilkale ( An ancient castle ), Şenyuva village and joins to Fırtına river at Camlihemsin Town.



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